Player donations

Here you will find anything from skins to boots that our players no longer use. If there is anything you would like then drop us a message and it will be handed over at the next training session. There is absolutely no charge for anything below..

If you have some old football items that your son/daughter no longer use then please give them to your team manager who will hand it over for us to list.


Size 4 Nike boots. These are in relatively good condition and with a little clean up they will look great.

Shin pads.jpg

Adidas shin pads. Label says size M. Given to us by an U11 {YR 6} if that helps as a size guide. Great condition.

Nike tracky top.jpg

Size M Nike DRI-FIT tracky top. Excellent condition.  

Keeper joggers.jpg

Size YM Adidas Goalkeeper joggers. Given to us by an U11 {YR 6} if that helps for size.. Good Condition.


Size C9 Sondico astro trainers. Good condition


Size 3 Nike football boots. Good condition


Size 3.5 Nike Astro trainers. Good condition


Size 4 Adidas Astro trainers. Good condition


Size 4 Adidas Moulded football boots. Good condition