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Harlow Tekkers FC was founded in 2020. We are a friendly club for players of all abilities and backgrounds. All our coaches and team managers are DBS checked and as of the 22/23 season will all be minimum Level 1 coach. We are fully insured with Sportsguard, Sportsguard are the recommended insurer by the Essex FA.


All players will play in a team that ensures the number one priority is about "FUN". We allow our players to learn and develop at a pace that works for them in a SAFE - FUN- INCLUSIVE environment.


Although our fundamental goal is to have fun, we do have structured training sessions that instils discipline in all players.

Our training sessions are run by team managers, we also bring in coaches to assist managers. We have a few FA Licenced coaches who work with us and between them have a wealth of knowledge in coaching youth and adult football which they pass on to us and our players.

TRAINING: We will make sure our training sessions are well organised and structured in a way that works for all players. MATCHES: From 23/24 season we will have all teams play in the MHRML.

Our committee includes a club treasurer, a club secretary and two club welfare officers. We are also very fortunate to have Mark Gagen join our club, Mark has a wealth of knowledge and is often called upon for advice. Together we have created our safeguarding policy, which is available on request, this along with everything our club aims to be & what we expect from our players, coaches/managers & parents, this will also be in our club handbook {PDF}. We use & respect the FA's code of conduct for young players, coaches, managers & match officials. We expect anyone attending our games and events to abide by the same. Harlow Tekkers Football Club is part of 86 Sports Fulfilment limited.

For our team names we have chosen to go with the Canidae family. Our team names are Wolves, Foxes, Jackals, Huskies & Coyotes. Whatever your ability, we have a team for you! All we ask is that your committed and willing to learn.

We have taken on Sumners Playing Field as our home ground, All home matches will be played there, we will have hot/cold drinks and snacks available.


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Mini Tekkers
New club badge.png
U7 Foxes
U7 Jackals
New club badge.png
U8 Foxes
New club badge.png
U9 Wolves
U9 Foxes
U9 Development
New club badge.png
U10 Wolves
U10 Foxes
U10 Coyotes
New club badge.png
U11 Wolves
U11 Foxes
U11 Jackals
U11 Development
New club badge.png
U12 Wolves
U12 Foxes
U12 Coyotes
New club badge.png
U13 Wolves
New club badge.png
U13 Foxes
U13 Jackals
U13 Huskies
U15 Wolves
U15 Wolves Black
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U18 Wolves

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